Welcome to the new Talk2ETs Blog!

Talk2ETs, LLC is a for-profit business that very inexpensively sends digital messages into space at light-speed via commercial grade broadcasting equipment.  We are interested in helping you achieve making your thoughts and information as immortal as possible by sending it into space to travel forever and offer a variety of possible ‘levels’ to do this on.  More information is at our website at http://www.talk2ets.com .

All of us involved in Talk2ETs, LLC are also very interested in the Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I.).  We support the scientific study of space exploration and recognize the immense possibility that there are other lifeforms in our universe.  Some of that life must be far in advance of our technology and could therefore have visited our planet in the past and quite possibly be visiting it currently.  There are too many UFO sightings by trustworthy people to all be hoaxes and misinterpretations.  Obviously, some percentage of claims are hoaxes.  Obviously, some percentage of sightings are unknown or misidentified aircraft of our own creation.  At the same time, obviously, some percentage must be technology or phenomenon that we are unfamiliar with.

All this said, thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you come back and participate often! The collaboration of many minds is a very beneficial thing to all involved!