What are Aliens?


What are aliens?  Are they carbon-based “people” from another planet?  Are they just a more highly evolved humanoid species that originated elsewhere in the universe?  Are they even humanoid?  Could they be non carbon-based, say, silicon-based?  If so, would we even recognize them as life?  Do they have substance?  Is their makeup measureable?  Are they, perhaps, from a different dimension?  A different time?  Perhaps they are even us in the distant future?  Or, could they be us from pre-history?

There are so many possibilities one cannot help but wonder if we are even asking the right questions.  We tend to wrap things up in nice little balls of information that fit precisely into neat boxes that we understand, even though reality may not even be comprehensible to us.  Should we take a step back and look at the “are we alone” question again and try to come up with new, non ‘standard’ possibilities?  The key to our understanding could well be that we need to stop trying to fit aliens into these little boxes that we think we know about and let them appear to us outside of the box; in a different manner than we would ever think about on our own.  Just let them be whom or what they are, and see them in this new aspect.  Such
refocusing our wonder may be the key to the beginning of our true understanding of aliens.