UFOs (or something) Around The World

Each week there are hundreds of reported UFO sightings from around the world. Most turn out to be explainable as natural phenomenon or military aircraft, but dozens are left unexplained, even after careful examination by professional investigators. What they are we simply do not know. Due to the amount of unexplained sightings that continues since at least the late 1800’s, one must conclude there is something out there visiting us that we do not yet understand. Are these crafts and beings from another world here visiting earth as sightseers? Could they be time travelers here to witness past history, or, perhaps, change history for some unknown reason? Is it possible they are inter-dimensional beings coming through ‘portals’ that our knowledge of physics cannot yet explain?

One of the more prevalent theories currently being discussed is that these sightings and apparitions are demonic — demons from hell sent to confuse human beings. The belief is that what is known as “the last days” are about to begin and God has allowed demons to be loosed upon the earth to test man’s faith right before the Second coming.


Certainly some of the descriptions of what we call ‘alien beings’ are frightening. Many of the stories of abductions are living nightmares that people allegedly have had to endure and then relive on a daily basis — people such as Travis Walton. I’ve attended a few of Travis’ lectures as well as watched the movie ‘Fire In The Sky’ which was based upon Travis’ experience, and let me assure you, that poor gentleman, if what he relays is factual (and I have no reason to believe it is not), has endured hell on earth, not only during his abduction, but the ridicule he has been forced to live with since his story came out. I cannot imagine, and do not ever want to experience, the apparent horror he has survived.

Other abduction stories, like those of Whitley Strieber in his books “Communion” and “Transformation”, seem disturbing at best, and also seem to be on some level demonic. Try to imagine being woken up in the middle of the night with no motor control in your body, with arms and legs that will not move, but total awareness of what is happening, and then being taken aboard what appears to be an alien craft and having medical procedures run on you by beings that you know should not exist! That must be frightening beyond belief! Many people are scared of the mere thought of the unknown; imagine being forced to experience it first hand with no control over what is happening. That has to be much, much worse. There was a movie was out a few years ago called “The Fourth Kind”, allegedly based on true events in Alaska, and after watching it, I will state that movie has captured the fear that people would have during such an abduction better than anything else I have ever seen – a fear that drove a man to commit suicide so he could no longer be abducted. A fear that not only caused him to take his own life to prevent future abductions, but also to be so terrified for his wife and children that he would kill them first to ensure they would never have to endure the mental anguish of an alien abduction that he has. I shudder thinking about this because if these abductions are factual occurrences, those being abducted have essentially no control over what is happening to them – there is not a thing they can do to stop it from happening, to prevent it – nothing, nada, nil!

If these are demon visitations, then something certainly must be coming up as it seems this is phenomenon that is fairly new, within only the last 125 years, and it seems to be escalating. Is this the prelude to the Second Coming? Or, is it something completely different that we are yet to understand.


Now, of course these visitations could be entirely something else – they could be simply beings from another world, or, perhaps, worlds. If they are aliens from other areas of our universe, it seems there are many different species visiting us from the reports and our human logic tells us that means they are coming from many different planets or areas of space. One then wonders what the odds are that all these

different types of beings are visiting us in this rather thin slice of time? When one contemplates the necessary advancement in science and technology a civilization would have to have in order to arrive here from the stars as opposed to what our current technology here on Earth, it could be that these aliens studying us is like comparing a human mind to that of an ant and that is a bit scary as well. If we are but ‘bugs’ to advanced species, would they act any different towards us than we act toward, say, ants? Ponder that for a bit.

Another possibility is that the visitors that are reported are us, but from the future. They may be far more highly evolved than we are in our timeline and are coming back either to experience their own history, or to understand why we are what we currently are, and maybe even to change history in a way that helps themselves in the future. Perhaps they have all but died out, or are dying out, and with some genetic manipulation they believe they can prevent that from happening. Certainly some of the stories of abductions does suggest that they are genetically creating a hybrid version of man and alien.

Whatever they may be, the unknown factor is cause for concern. Whether they are aliens from another planet, beings from another dimension, our own descendants from far in our future, or demons or demonic apparitions, we certainly are the inferior species, at least in the technology arena. That means should they decide to do us harm, we most likely do not stand a chance. We need to openly research this subject and drop the ridicule so many people receive that come forward with experiences, such as what Travis Walton has endured. We need to use the scientific methodology we currently have to try and understand what and/or whom they are, and then how to proceed. This is going to mean the world needs to unite and work together on this investigation and leave our other differences behind. We can only hope this happens soon.


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