The 2014 International UFO Congress in Arizona

What a great event! Each year Open Minds seems to do it better and better!

Yes, I’m talking about the 23rd annual International UFO Congress (IUFOC) that was held in Fountain Hills, Arizona (near Phoenix) on February 12 – 16th. This was our 4th year attending the IUFOC and was just as good as ever. From the kickoff morning of Feb 12th through the last panel in the afternoon of Feb 16th, everyone was mesmerized with new information on the possibility of other worldly craft and beings visiting our planet earth.

We attended the Experiencer Sessions each morning with a group of people who believe they have had contact both in the past as well as currently. These sessions were led by licensed and very experienced hypnotists/therapists, Yvonne Smith and Gwen Ferrell. Many people chose to share their experiences with the group and were made to feel quite comfortable by the professionalism of Yvonne and Gwen. Some of what the contactees relayed to the group were what you’d expect, other experiences were quite sensational.

Open Minds IUFOC

The presentations began with Master of Ceremonies Alejandro Rojas welcoming the crowd and doing a marvelous job as usual. If you’ve ever listened to Alejandro’s podcasts, you’d recognize his professional yet light manner as well as his well thought-out introductions to upcoming speakers.

The speakers are way too many to list here, but you can find their biographies and presentation subjects at the UFO Congress’ website at A few that really did a marvelous job were:

Stephen Bassett – Stephen spoke about UFO disclosure and fascinated the attendees on the very first day. He’s a marvelous speaker and certainly knows what he is talking about and how to best proceed in order to obtain disclosure from our government.

Don Schmidtt – Don is yet another fantastic speaker and has done a phenominal amount of research on the 1947 Roswell Crash. He brought out information I had never heard of before, including information on the REAL Area 51 (it’s not in Nevada…)

Yvonne Smith – Yvonne not only led the experiencer sessions this year, but also put on a great presentation concerning her years of research on abductees. She was both interesting and captivating.

Dr. John Alexaner – John has very interesting information on what the government does/does not know about UFOs. While some will find what he presents questionable, he certainly does a great job of presenting the information and definitely has knowledge in the field.

George Noory – who could not think George would do a great job? George simply brought down the house Saturday evening and took a variety of interesting questions from the audience.  If you have not listened to George on Coast to Coast AM, you are missing out on much! And, there was a special appearance with George by Lee Speigel, writer and paranormal expert for the Huffington Post and last year’s IUFOC emcee.

On opening day, Wednesday evening, there was a Welcoming Cocktail Party in which you were able to meet the speakers and chat with them over a drink and snacks.

On Thursday and Friday evenings there were EBE Film Festival Screenings of the latest UFO and alien films that have been produced. As usual, they were well worth enjoying.

Then on Saturday evening the Awards Banquet was held… dinner with friends, old and new followed by the EBE awards on the films that were shown – the ‘Oscars’, UFO Congress style.

Open Minds IUFOC

All in all, the IUFOC is well worth attending if aliens and/or UFO research interests you. This is not a convention of tin-foil hat wearing people, but instead honest, intellectual researchers trying to find out the answers to what is out there. With a variety of authors, researchers, scientists, PhDs, therapists, ex-Heads of state, ex-military personnel, past government high-level employees and more, this has got to be one of the best, if not THE BEST, UFO conventions held annually anywhere. Keep an eye on their website,, and try to attend next year’s conference, again in Fountain Hills, Arizona. You’ll find it very well worth doing so.


Upcoming UFO Conferences

Two great UFO conferences that are upcoming you may want to look into and plan for:

October 17 – 20, 2013 Paradigm Symposium in Minnepolis, MN. Information here:

We’ve not yet attended this one, but the speaker lineup looks quite impressive.

February 12 – 16, 2014 International UFO Congress & Film Festival in Fountain Hills, AZ. Information here:

We’ve traveled to the UFO Congress for the past years and can very highly endorse this event. The speakers are professional and quite scientific, ranging from physicist, to military, to government, to doctors, to lawyers and even TV personalities. The people attending are genuine, friendly and fascinating themselves. The venue is comfortable, inexpensive yet ‘classy’, easily accessible and very affordable. Alejandro Rojas, Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry and others do a fantastic job of planning and setting up this event. If you’ve never been to a large UFO event, you need to attend and experience this one.